About Us

Twisted Glitter's creator Molly grew up in a family that always embraced artistic expression, and she really found her niche when she laid hands upon a pair of crafting pliers. Whether it was a simple wire loop or intricate caged glass piece, it was in her hands to create what beauty her mind saw potential for.

At 12, she was in a car accident that caused a TBI and altered many possibilities her life could hold, but she refused to let that hold her back. Within her recovery, the love she had for jewelry making was as meditative as it was freeing. It was within her own artistic expression that Molly rediscovered comfort and passion in her life, and she would love to share the fruits of her labor with you now!

Within each piece that she creates, the meticulous detail and whimsy are difficult to miss, and hold as much care as they do beauty. Molly has great love for the art of jewelry, and she hopes that you fall in love with any or all of her creations!